Play-Doh the Philosopher was a mysterious author in the Middle Ages. Lack of any information on the man has led historians to believe Play-Doh may have been a pen name, or a group of authors working together. Play-Doh was a very wise writer, penning similair works as the philosopher Plato, although he lived after his more famous counterpart. Play-Doh wrote about ideas that were often frowned upon during his time, such as athiesm, sex, and incompetent leaders. Although he was respected by his people, Play-Doh was clubbed to death by Baron Kan Koto, whom he had accused of various crimes.

Works By Play-Doh Edit

  • The Tale of Tales
  • God's Lack of Love
  • God's Wicked Nature
  • Preferable Sexual Positions
  • Homosexual? Heterosexual? Why Not Try Out Bisexual?
  • Who Is This God, Anyway?
  • God, It's Play-Doh, Are You There? Absoloutely Not.
  • Kan Koto: The Rapist
  • God, If You're Real Strike Me Down Right Now! That's What I Thought.
  • Kan Koto: The Murderer
  • Kan Koto: The Thief
  • Kan Koto: The Bigot
  • Kan Koto: The Aristocratic Politician Who Has A Complete Disregard For Socioeconomic Trends
  • Kan Koto: Get That Club Away From Me!

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Personality Edit

From Play-Doh's works, we can assume that he was creative, cynical, sexually active, satirical, and open-minded.

Relationships Edit

Play-Doh would make passing referances to an unknown person he loved in several of his writings, first in Preferable Sexual Positions where he stated he would like to make love to the person. It is unknown if the person was male or female.