Hawa the First (c.1145-c.January 1, 1170) was, according to legend, the father of the famous king Hawa the Second.

Life Edit

Little to none is known about the life of Hawa the First, as he is only mentioned by Hawa the Second in one of the works written by him, in this case The Tale of A King:

I had not been so sad since my father was used as a sacrifice to the god Ori to ensure a prosperous new year.

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Relationships Edit

Jaina Edit

The wife of Hawa the First, mother and later lover of Hawa the Second considered Hawa the first as more of a "friend with benefits" than a lover.

Jffe Edit

Hawa the First was apparently very proud over his eldest son, giving him all of the families wealth when he died. This lack of property earned Hawa the Second the title 'Lackland.'

Hawa the Second Edit

Hawa the First died when Hawa the Second was only three years old, and the two were never very close, although it would be wrong to presume, as some have, that the two did not love eachother.