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February 14, 1957


James Hamish (father) Jean McIntyre (possible mother)


David Anderson


Austin Anderson



Cheryl Anderson (nee Hamish) (born February 14, 1957) is the daughter of James Hamish, founder of Hamish Soda Pop, and suceeded him as head of the company. In 2028 she was elected the first female president of the United States.

Childhood Edit

Cheryl did not experience the poverty her father did as a child. By the time she was born, Hamish Soda Pop was already a well-to-do company, though not the international phenomonon it would later become. It is unknown who her mother is, as her father had many lovers at the time, and she would later express her desire to have known a mother, which she would often blame her father for. It would be incorrect to presume, however, as some have, that the couple did not get along. She herself has said "I loved the old man, no matter what. A girl could never ask for a better father. Although I would often blame my own troubles on him, now being a mother myself I know that it was hard on him to act the role of father and mother, and I respect him more for it. I wish I would have told him that before he left this earth."

As Head of Hamish Soda Pop Edit

When Cheryl served as head of Hamish Soda Pop from 2001 to 2027, the company experienced an all time high. Cheryl also had an all time high in her personal life, as she and her husband, David Anderson, after many years of trying, finally achieved childbirth, Cheryl having a baby boy named Austin.

Political Campaign Edit

Cheryl enjoyed her time in the spotlight as head of the Hamish Soda Pop and became an avid politician in the Democratic political party, running for senator in 2024. Her campaign failed, but Cheryl won some attention for her intellegence and capabitlity, and announced that she would be running for president in 2028. She won the election, becoming the first female president. She left the Soda Company to the bumbling vice president, John Windsor. She was said to have never paid attention to the company afterward, and was unaware when the company had been foreclosed in 2030.

Physical Appearance Edit

Cheryl was a very thin woman, with short blonde hair and wide blue eyes. She served several years as a model before she went into business.

Relationships Edit

James Edit

Cheryl loved her father very much.

Jean Edit

Jean was one of the lovers of James at the time of Cheryl's birth, and although she was not proven to be Cheryl's mother, Cheryl would often treat her as such.

David Edit

Cheryl's husband, whom she dated for five years before marrying him, is considered by her to be "one of the most important men in the world."

Austin Edit

Cheryl's son, Austin, is "even more important than his daddy" to her.