Bartino Duad was a very talented inventor and owner of Duad Incorporations. Although highly skilled, his abilities were often overestimated by the press. For instance, in his biography by Jocelyn Montegomery, the title page reads: The Most Accurate Account of the Life of Bartino Duad, Inventer of the Gigglemax Plus, despite the fact Duad invented no such thing. The biography went on to exuberate Duad's skill, although most facts were misplaced and whole chapters were pure fabrication.

Birth Edit

Little is known about Duad's early life, and even the names of his parents are unknown, as he was very secretive. He first made media coverage at 21, when he invented the Googlemin Negative (possibly the inspiration for the Gigglemax Plus mentioned in his biography), but when interested followers began to look him up, the only record they could find of his existance was the marriage record of his great-great grandparents, Jim and Wilhelmina Duad. To this day there is no information about any other members of his family.

Education Edit

Duad attended Glamor University, graduating with a 3.95 GPA in Science and Technology, and went on to open his own tutoring business, under which such inventors as Austin Anderson were educated. Later he opened Duad Incorporated.