Austin Drake Anderson (May 25, 2027-February 12, 2113) was the son of David and Cheryl Anderson, the first female president of the United States. He is notable not only for his political parentage, but also for his invention of the Bibliovideo.

Childhood Edit

Anderson was born when his mother still worked as head of Hamish Soda Pop. When he was one year old his family moved into the White House, where he spent most of his childhood. Anderson recieved special tutoring from a certain Professor Duad, who trained him the arts of inventing. As a child, Anderson designed several inventions, including, but not limited to, a television which could show programs according to your mood.

Post-White House Edit

"To work at Duad Inc., you need two things. One is talent, which you have, and the other is experience, which you will acquire."

- Bartino Duad to Austin Anderson

After his family moved out of the White House in 2036, Anderson gained press through his many creative inventions, winning several awards and a scholarship to Marvard University. After high-school, Anderson went to Marvard, majoring in science and engineering. After college, he applied for a job at Duad Incorporated, a company dedicated to providing superior technology, his former tutor and head of the company rejected him, however, offering him to come back in a few years. Anderson returned to his old school, in 2050 and became a teacher's aid, after the previous teacher, Mr. Kirkson's death, Anderson was given the position of Science and Engineering teacher, and, eventually, Deputy Headmaster. He was next in line for the position of Headmaster, but at this time returned to Duad Inc. and was given position of Chief of Technology Creation and Management.

Later Life Edit

During his career at the company, he invented the bibliovideo, which directly turned text into tape. The invention made him billions and he retired shortly after, living a comfortable, quiet life until his death in 2113 at age 86.