ABC for Kids Club Video is a VHS in 2003 ABC Shop. Video and CD Now in Shops


  • Bananas in Pyjamas (B1 and B2)
  • The Fairies (Rhapsody and Barnaby)
  • The Wiggles (Greg, Murray, Jeff, Anthony and Dorothy the Dinosaur)
  • Play School (Big Ted and Jemima)
  • Johnson and Friends (Johnson)
  • Fun Song Factory (Ozzy Octave)
  • The Raggy Dolls (Dotty)
  • Street Fighter (Ryu and Ken Masters)

Songs on VHS and on CDEdit

  1. ABC Kids intro
  2. Bananas in Pyjamas
  3. Banana Holiday (On CD)
  4. Mellow Yellow
  5. Bumping and a Jumping
  6. The Fairies Theme Song
  7. There's No Place Like Home
  8. Game Time
  9. Its A Beautiful Day (On CD)
  10. Get Ready to Wiggle
  11. Dorothy The Dinosaur (On CD)
  12. In the Wiggles World
  13. It's Play School
  14. Do You Put Your Hat on Your...?
  15. The Wheels of the Bus
  16. Three Little Fishies
  17. How Does An Elephant Walk?
  18. The Diesel Rap (On CD)
  19. Toys, Toys, Wonderful Toys (On CD)
  20. Fun Song Factory Theme Tunes (On CD)
  21. You Know You Have A Friend
  22. The Raggy Dolls Rap
  23. Street Fighter Theme
  24. Go Go Ryu! (On CD)
  25. You're a Good Fighter, Ken Masters (On CD)
  26. Fight To The Finish
  27. Best Friends For A Day (On CD)
  28. Reach For The Stars Japanese Fighter
  29. Street Fighter Ending/Spot theme

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